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           Let Us Help You Define Your Future 

We are business acceleration mentors.  Our focus is on helping companies with business strategy, structure, funding and execution.  We deliver a broad range of solutions from developing business plans, setting up sales channels, revamping marketing strategies, and operationalizing process and technology solutions, to raising capital needed for growth. We adapt to the needs of our clients, enabling them to succeed, smarter faster and more profitably.  Our core skill is the ability to turn technology into products and vision into reality.



Working with you to exceed your expectations and accelerate your success!



  • Creating ideas
  • Defining the opportunity
  • Defining purpose
  • Determining the direction
  • Researching the competitive landscape
  • Determining value
  • Developing a plan


  • Organizing
  • Incorporating
  • Defining and hiring resources
  • Developing financial and administrative systems
  • Developing Marketing plans


  • Raising Capital
  • Business plans
  • Valuations
  • Structuring the deal
  • Surviving the diligence process
  • Closing the deal


  • Defining Core Values
  • Building a culture
  • Strategic Planning
  • Strategy implementation and execution
  • Developing operating process
  • Sales and Marketing plans
  • Distribution and channel strategy
  • Branding
  • Developing strategic partnerships
  • Making a profit
  • Developing positive cash flow


"I have created some really cool technology, why don't people want to buy it?"
"Where can I find capital that I don't have to pledge my home and first born to get?"
"What form of incorporation should I choose? Will an LLC work for me?"

 "I waited to file my patent until I had sold some product. Why are they telling me I can't file for a patent now?"

"What topics should I put into my business plan?"
"What do investors want to know about my company?"
"Why can't I find a reseller to sell my product?"


 "How do you build a brand?"



We can help with your dream by helping you build your plan, create a credible financial model, find investors, hire a team and execute!