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"We help accelerate your success"


LSW Partners is a management consulting practice focused on helping small and medium size companies accomplish their goals faster and more profitably. 


We help you with strategy, structure, funding and execution! 


We like to tailor our practice to the needs of your company. We will apply our wealth of experience to meet your needs in a variety of instances.  We can add value whether you need help in developing a business plan for a new company or reorganizing an underperforming asset of an existing one. 


We can help you build and grow by:


·         Developing a strategic plan

·         Ensuring that you execute that plan

·         Developing a marketing strategy and an extensive competitive analysis

·         Developing a solid value proposition

·         Creating a financial and forecasting model

·         Defining a sales strategy and building a distribution channel

·         Acquiring initial customers or just more new ones  

·         Raising capital

·         Developing a slide deck to pitch to investors

·         Helping you define and implement a Board of Directors 

·         Helping you sell your business

Company history

LSW Partners was formed in 2007 to help entrepreneurs navigate the mysteries of starting a company.  Ray Weadock had spent over 35 years as an entrepreneur having participated in or created nine successful businesses three of which grew to over a billion dollars in revenue. He wanted to help others benefit from his experience and eliminate the mistakes he had made along the way. 


Not long after the practice took off Scott Springer joined bringing with him a wealth of operational experince from a large multinational enterprise.


Collectively, we have over fifty years of executive management experience.  In addition, that also means we have over fifty years of contacts in all facets of business.  


We have long standing relationships with accountants, lawyers, venture capital firms, private investors, headhunters, marketing and PR firms, distributors and resellers not to mention a large database of potential employees many of whom have worked for us in the past.


What other people have said

“Ray was the CEO of the company when he hired me. In my thirty years of working in the United States, I have never encountered a manager who had better people skills than Ray.  He is a master of conflict and adversity management. The second characteristic that he has optimism and persistency under difficult conditions where most people in his shoes would throw in the towel and move on to something else. His enthusiasm and persistence is contagious and a significant component of the morale in a small organization. He has great business experience, a vast network of business associates and he has always been able to use his skills to hire the best people and to raise venture capital for his ideas.”

Dr. Vehbi Tasar, CISSP, CSSLP



"Ray is a true veteran of the tech industry. His experience and insight stems from his personal involvement in many of the defining moments in the PC and IT industry. His network of colleagues and contacts is unsurpassed as is his passion for creating great companies.


His management style and analytical skills enable him to be effective in determining solid business plans and then managing those plans to success. Ray is an articulate communicator with a mentoring leadership style. I thoroughly enjoyed working for Ray and the great teams that he attracts

Ken Evans

Management Consultant, Board Member & Economic Developement Advisor




“I worked for Ray at two different companies. Both companies were startups and hired Ray because he is a dynamic high technology executive that brought solid leadership. 

One of Ray's true skills is developing strategic product and marketing plans that uses a company's competitive advantage while matching it to market needs.

He works closely with his staff, investors, customers and board of directors to help improve his company. One of his most difficult tasks was fixing the past financially mismanagement of both these companies, doing this while developing strategic plans and advancing development capabilities while the network and dot com industries were struggling. 

Ray is the type of executive that will learn the market and the technology so he can make informed decisions. He became very knowledgeable with the network security marketplace while learning security technology. 

Ray is one of the most intelligent and trustworthy senior executive I have worked with. He is a very good manager, is able to learn and understand technology, is good with people and is willing to do whatever is necessary to improve the company. “


Bill McIntosh

Associate at Booz Allen Hamilton