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Collabria Software LLC, is the provider of secure, interoperable communications across a variety of communication channels to efficiently and effectively plan, manage, communicate and direct activities within a single organization or in a unified command structure involving multiple groups or organizations. 

The flagship product, ReadyOp is a web based application designed to handle the fast-paced, demanding communications challenges of Incident Command Response, or daily exercise and response activities with ease and efficiency.  ReadyOp is secure and scalable to any size organization and is accessible from anywhere with Internet connectivity making it a perfect communications tool for a Business Continuity plan.  No other program offers such flexibility for planning, command, control and communicating directly with and to the people and agencies involved in an exercise or actual response.

ReadyOp creates “Community Fusion” by providing secure, interoperable communications across multiple platforms to a diverse group of users, companies or agencies by leveraging their existing technology infrastructure. Our platform ReadyOp was born from the intercommunication lessons learned from 9/11, Incident/Emergency Exercises, Military Covert Operations, Super Bowl, Haiti Earthquakes, Joplin Tornados and others.

By integrating voice, video, data, text and radio communications into one unified platform ReadyOp provides a simple, innovative visual display for monitoring the activities and status of numerous individuals and teams, as well as providing multiple means of communicating with any individual or group of individuals simultaneously.  From the visual display users can make phone calls to one or many, send text or email messages, access and view multiple video cameras, communicate via multiple radio talk groups or have a secure video conference either down the hall or around the world.  It even includes a simple to use File management system that enables you to send and receive any size file quickly and easily.  The files are encrypted and stored on secure “cloud” servers hosted by Amazon.

ReadyOp also features simple searches for locating any stored information such as personnel, assets, tasks, and more.  Data and information sharing is accomplished from most any Internet connected computer, tablet or smartphone, allowing complete access from any location – there’s no new hardware purchase required.  With a simple, intuitive interactive display, ReadyOp provides users with a powerful tool for directing, supporting and communicating with many people in multiple organizations.

ReadyOp is currently being rolled out by the US State Department to all the US Embassies worldwide. The Republican National Convention successfully used it to enable communication and coordination of all activity related to Secret Service, FDLE, Tampa Police, Governor’s Security Details and others. They also utilized ReadyOp to disseminate all the press releases to over 5,000 journalists.  On the commercial side University of South Florida is using to coordinate communication with students, local Law Enforcement and Emergency Management, facilities and operations. Just imagine what ReadyOp could do for you.