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We Build Professional Business Plans
When you need to raise additional capital, having a professional business plan is one of the keys to success.
You need a plan that answers the quesitons before they are asked.
You need a set of financials that investors can beleive and enough detail they are comfortable with. One they can tell was well thought out.
Our planning process and financial model has successfully helped raise Hundreds of Millions of institutional dollars!
Let Us Build One For You Too!

LSW Partners recently completed another business plan for one of our clients.  As opposed to our typical engagement where the client has a company, product, increasing revenues and is looking to raise additional growth capital, this client had none of those things but had recently been awarded a patent.  And as patents usually go, this was for a new business segment which had not been well defined.  LSWP had to perform an extraordinary amount of research to be able to define the market, design a system to enable the transactional nature of the business and create a marketing strategy to describe how the company was going to make money.

LSWP was able to leverage the extensive startup experience of the team to enable us to create a comprehensive business plan with enough data to develop the concept and enable the principals to raise money to launch their enterprise.

For another client once we created their business plan, we helped them raise their initial capital, helped them execute the plan and ultimately helped them sell the business for a very handsome profit.  The experience of having accomplished this process over and over has enabled LSWP to construct business plans for a broad variety of companies in diverse markets and industries.

We not only develop the business plans and strategies for these clients, but we construct a very through set of financials which  produce a 5 year set  of monthly Income Statements, Balance Sheets and Cash Flow Statements utilizing a financial model that has been  developed, refined and deployed for over twenty-five years.  This financial model typically consists of from fifteen to twenty spreadsheets that are all linked together and provide details including: Revenue forecasts, Cost of Goods Sold, Personnel forecasts, Salaries, Commissions, Deferred Revenues, Capital Expenditures, Credit Lines, Capital Expenditures and Detailed Operating Expenses. The model then enables the client to play “What If” and as they make changes to revenue forecasts for example, they can see how that affects the cash flows six months later. This model enables the client to input “actual” data month by month and its' forecasting capabilities get better as time goes on. 

This same model has been utilized to build many startups and even a few multi-billion dollar enterprises. The details in the input section covers items from third party marketing consultation costs, to office rent per square foot, to cell phone expense for a field sales rep, to executive staff bonuses and discretionary bonus pools.  Every detail is covered which produces well over 125 pages of nice analytical detail, complete with color charts and graphs. It is more than enough to satisfy even the most discerning investors.